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Default The most wondrful twitte

The most wondrful twitte
To know more about the Prophet Mohammed, of whom the Christ gave the glad tidings,
Puzzling scientific discoveries were explored earlier by Mohammed
Islam is the Religion of Truth which has all the answers consistent with both logic and human nature
Islam is the only religion that motivates you into creativity and opens all doors of success in all the walks of life.
Do the means of global media represent Islam honestly? Click the link to know the truth:
Yusuf Estes converted from Christianity to Islam; having found the truth, he could only follow it
There is a secret for which the number of Muslims gathering for prayer is increasing; it is their pure belief.
What is the secret that makes Muslims, poor and rich, white and black, stand side by side in prayers like a cemented structure?
Why are we created? To what end? How would we end
Have you ever searched for information about Islam with objectivity? Have you ever endeavored to know the truth?
Would a wise man keep himself a victim for those who spread wrong information spreading wrong ideas about Islam?
By no means can the word be filled with justice and credibility without Islam.
Except for Islam, no religion has been recognized as a source of miracles and facts.
Nature is the book which, if read carefully and objectively, will lead to Islam.
Islam is the last divine religion. The Holy Quran is the last book sent down by Almighty Allah.
Had one been looking carefully into the facts, the real moderation is in Islam.
No-one has made difference in the universe like that made by the Illiterate Prophet Mohammed within 23 years.
Islam is the religion of ease not of hardships. It is the religion of justice, brotherhood, love and integrity.
Mohammed has achieved what no other human being could. He had many intellectual and behavioral achievements.
You were not created for no reason. Think about it; you will realize that you were created to be a Muslim.
Islam is the only religion that calls for believing in all the prophets with no discrimination between them.
George Bernard Shaw, the British philosopher said: “The world is in dire need of a man with the mind of Muhammad.”
Goethe, the German poet said: “I have looked in the history of humanity for an example and found that it was Muhammad.”
Goethe, the German writer said: “Whenever I read Kuran, I feel my soul shaking inside my body.”
Thomas Carlyle, the English writer, said: “I like Mohammad for his Hypocrisy-free nature.”
Michael Hart said: “He, meaning the Prophet Mohammed, was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular level.”
Leo Tolstoy, the Famous Russian writer, stated that he is one of those who look up at the Prophet Mohammed who has been chosen by God to be the last prophet.
The Famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy believes that Mohammad's religion will prevail over the Whole World as it is in conformity with mind and wisdom.
Dr. Shibrek, an Austrian doctor, said: “Humanity should be proud to have Mohammed as one of its members.”
A Noble Prize winner, Thomas Carlyle, said: “He was to kindle the world “. He described him adding “… as if he had lights within him to illuminate the darkest of nights.”
A French man, Chatelier, said: “The Message of Mohammed is the best message sent with a prophet.”
The German, Dr. Sigrid Hunke, said: “Mohammed with Islam is the SUN of God Illuminating the West.”

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