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Riz 9th February 2008 04:04 AM

Growing Tomatos !! ( mega-thread)
Where To Grow Your Tomato Plant
Tomatoes are sub-tropical plants and therefore require a full sun position. A position against a wall or fence will give an even better chance of success as long as they can receive sufficient water.
Soil Preparation
Two or three weeks before planting, dig the soil over and incorporate as much organic matter as possible. The aim is to make the soil able to retain the moisture needed so much by tomatoes.
When To Sow Tomato Plants are unable to tolerate any degree of frost, the timing for planting/sowing outside is therefore key to successfully growing tomatoes. If the tomato seeds are to be sown directly outside (not really suitable in cooler climates), they must be sown when the soil temperature is (and will remain) above 10C (50F) - any lower and the seeds will not germinate. In practical terms this normally means 3 weeks after the last frost date in your area.

Container or Grow Bag Culture
The culture of container grown tomatoes is not very different from other methods. The soil used for containers is best half potting compost and half a soil-based type loam - this gives some weight to the soil which helps the stakes to remain in place and stop winds blowing over the container.

Harvesting Tomatoes
Pick as soon as the fruits are ripe (colour and size will identify this) for the best flavour - eat as soon as possible. This also encourages the production of more fruit. As soon as a frost threatens, harvest all the fruit immediately and ripen them on a window sill. With upright varieties, it is possible to gently flatten the plants onto the soil and cover with horticultural fleece to protect them from the frost.

Riz 9th February 2008 04:18 AM

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here are some of my pics of tomatos i grew in the summer of 2007 in containers......

i was growing "moneymaker tomatos and cherry "salad tomatos"

Riz 9th February 2008 04:21 AM

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more pics........

Riz 9th February 2008 04:23 AM

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some cherry tomatoes

Riz 9th February 2008 04:36 AM

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they are turning red... :)

its what the season has been all about, even though "fried green tomatoes" are nice aswell..

Sakeena 27th March 2008 02:01 AM

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here's a picture of just two of my "Gardener's delight" cherry-type tomato saplings. i started germinating around 15 seeds in a tray like container and only 9 grew which i have now separated.

when planting tomato seeds one should try not to plant them too deep, no more than 1/4" as they take longer to germinate if at all.

tip: water the soil where you plan on planting the tomato plant for say a week with warm water before actually planting, as tomatoes need plenty of water - heard on radio 4

Sakeena 27th March 2008 04:03 PM

aren't tomatoes a fruit so how come it's in the vegetable section?

Riz 27th March 2008 04:38 PM


but its so common you can hardy call it exotic eh lol

you started the seeds at the right time aswell, how many do you have alltogether !? i will be growing cherry tomatoes aswell, i will germinate them soon...

Sakeena 27th March 2008 04:48 PM

i currectly have 7 growing on my windowsill, given two away. Is it a good idea to germinate more seeds later on say in April so you have a good supply of tomatoes or does it not make a difference?

Riz 27th March 2008 04:54 PM

yeah its a great idea to "stagger" the tomato grow so you get a supply of tomatoes steadily..
you might have to wait until mid may when the weather improves and you can leave your babies outdoors permanently. Its what i have been doing for two seasons,
I actually planted them in the ground in my 2006 season ( no pics they all got lost on my laptop which crashed) they grew huge as well, some were over 5 feet tall i had to stake them with canes otherwise they would have broken off due to all the fruit on them, i had a few slug and snail issues as well, but i did get a nice little harvest and i was well impressed by the quality .

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